Farlost Signals: New Skin 3

The System Guard boards Dizzy Chick. It’s pretty scary for all involved.



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Featuring the voice talents of:

SERENA CHAN – Sarah Rhea Werner (Girl in Space)
TUMRIS – Tanja Milojevic (Edic Zero, Vast, etc etc!)
DANA/MERCY – Alex Martin (Flashpulp)
JOVI CARLIN – Phil Rossi (Edict Zero, Eden, etc etc)
HOBBES – Dave Robison (Archivos, Writer’s Roundtable)
CASEY – Christiana Ellis (Space Casey, Nina Kimberly the Merciless)
BILLY – Jordan Cobb (Here Be Dragons, Janus Descending)
CAPTAIN SOON – Rish Outfield (Dunesteef)
LIEUTENANT – Terry Cooper (audiobook narrator)

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