SERVING WORLDS is a speculative fiction anthology podcast created & produced by John Mierau & other contributing artists. The podcast is presented ad-free thanks to the support of our listeners. Ongoing serials, novels, short stories and fullcast audio dramas take place in several story-worlds, spanning space opera, near future, alternative history, far-future and other settings.

The current serial adventure, ‘Farlost’ chronicles the
struggles of humans and aliens stranded in a far corner of the universe, with no way home. They must battle hostile environments -and sometimes each other- to chart the destiny of a new civilization. 

Last Man Home
Veterans of an intergalactic war support each other through hard times and

danger in a future civilization that doesn’t remember or care about their sacrifices.

Walk the Fire (YouTube)
A shared-world anthology exploring a world where a precious few
 can walk through a network of flames of mysterious origins, and cross any distance to emerge from other flames, emerging as young & strong as when they first walked the fire.

Tools and Means
Meet Tom Brogan. An ordinary guy. With a sister in a coma. Seeing visions of a mass murderer. Becoming one himself….but Tom is our last, best hope against an invasion we don’t even know has begun.

Enemy Lines (returning soon)
In the near future, humanity is unaware it is protected from factions eager to
enslave it. Spies, soldiers and thieves must save the world when dark forces come knocking.


Social commentary, compelling plots and strong, believable characters navigating complex worlds are constants that unite different settings and genres.


The stories draw comparisons to the X-Files, the Battlestar Galactica reboot, Star Trek, Firefly and The Expanse. If you’re a fan of science fiction that blends action with fantastic settings and complex characters to care about and root for, SERVING WORLDS has something foryou.


SERVING WORLDS releases episodes twice a month.


Stream episodes online at or subscribe via RSS, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn, Overcast, Google Podcasts and many more apps.


Twitter: @servingworlds


John Mierau is a professional writer, narrator, podcaster and consultant. He lives in a small town on the shores of Lake Ontario, equidistant to a Megacity and the US border (on the Canuck side).

John’s passion for podcasting reaches beyond fiction. While SERVING WORLDS focuses on his fiction, working with other organizations has allowed him to interview hundreds of interesting personalities, including Robert J Sawyer, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Amanda Palmer and many well-respected creators such as Hugh Howey, KC Wayland, Lauren Shippen and others,

When not working or writing, John volunteers with healthcare advocacy organizations. He lives with his partner and three kids (and sleeps less than he’d like).


“An innovative artist and an innovative thinker, always looking for new ways to connect with audiences…John’s solo work is first rate.”
— Hugo & Nebula winning author Robert J Sawyer

“Let this explode in your brain. Sometimes a space opera, sometimes a detective mystery, sometimes a conspiracy filled thriller, sometimes there be tentacles and often all of the above. Always entertaining. You listen now!”
— Apple Podcasts listener Delta Whiskey

“This talent he has for mixing science-fiction into our world is uncanny…stirs really strong emotions and reactions in the readers. In all its sadness, this tale he weaves brings us hope for the human kind.”
— Amazon Kindle reader Lucie le Blanc

“(B)believable and touching…stands well on it’s own and gives a taste of a larger universe forbigger stories.”
— Audible listener Kyle Nishioka

“John HERO!”
— Hugo Winner & ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ author Mur Lafferty

“Terrific series – thought provoking, intelligent, unique and interesting perspectives, lots of action with unexpected twists. Also a great sense of wry humour.”
— Apple Podcasts listener Emmyht

“(A) great twist that left me wanting to know what could happen next.You can feel the hurt in the characters. It was so good”
— Amazon Kindle reader ductape

“Mierau knows his stuff, pays attention, follows the news, thinks about the future. And he doesn’t write down to us – he believes his audience is smart and looking for a full-on wild ride.”
— Audible listener Tina

“John is a powerhouse of a creator…a unique, no-holds-barred voice.”
— Amazon Military SF Best-seller Terry Mixon

“We want the story to be fabulous, the author to be sharp and inventive, and the content to be something new and inspiring…John Mierau fits all those criteria.”
— Apple Podcasts listener Dreamhand

“Like an episode from the old Twilight Zone, John has crafted a tale of modern day Americana, and blended it expertly with touches of the future..the reader is drawn into the story like they’re coming home to an old friend.”
— Amazon Kindle reader David Sobkowiak

“Strong distinguishable characters dealing with internal and external conflict, working towards atonement”
— Audible listener Jon

“Excellent writer, amazing narrator, kickbutt podcaster.”
— Stoker Award nominated author Jake BIble

“The author manages to articulate alien world so well you can picture them while populating them with characters you feel like you already know.”
— Apple Podcasts listener Jay W E