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Farlost Story Chronology

Longtime Patron Logan W. asked me for this. It makes sense, and I’d like to say of course I had one planned!…but you owe this to Logan. Thanks, sir!

I’ll pretty it up, add timestamps and hyperlinks and post it here and on Patreon (when I have released a couple more episodes).

It’s beta, but it’s mostly accurate. Some of these stories are public and some are patron-only.

Starting with the earliest stories and working up to ‘modern day’ setting in Farlost:

Signals: Val From Capra
Signals: Coping Diaries
Dreams and Light: Hallis
Signals:  Carlin & Hobbes on the Rock
Signals: The Sherrod  Declaration
Signals: Carry the Weight
Signals: Counting Sheep
The Rundown
The Winter Belt (in progress)

New Youtube Channel & Vids!

New Youtube Channel! Like many things on the internet, you subscribing makes a difference. Please subscribe to Serving Worlds on Youtube for full stories and sneak previews.

NEWEST VID: In ‘Counting Sheep‘, the facts of life in Farlost keep a haunted survivor from sleep. Featuring Joanna Gaskell, Veronica Giguere & Eric Luke.

(Minor spoilers for Farlost: Arrival).

Guns Blazin’ for the Silly Season!

Hey folks. Sorry I’ve been quiet lately–but you may have noticed I put the release on full-auto today.

The free podcast and every Patron feed got hit with new releases today. Some saw several new adventures show up, as early access from upper tiers unlocks.

There will be more new episodes through December and the holidays — to keep you distracted from the holiday/family/workplace  drama/boredom/stress/crazy people!

There’s more Farlost Signals coming out as well as more episodes of The Winter Belt.

The theme for the next few episodes might be….crossing the streams?  OH, AND You’ll see the guy in the picture again. Real soon.

Stay tuned, all, and stay sane this month!

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The Web Bill is Due…

I got the bill from my web host today: *IF* I can pay up front it’s (cough) $487.89 USD a year. If I have to pay monthly it’s $600+.

That covers web & podcast hosting, email, e-commerce (selling & memberships), cloud storage & archiving all on one bill, instead of $15-20/month to libsyn, plus all other services a la carte.

But still…

(stares at bill again)

Hey! Hey, you! What a great day to become a patron! You can join  on Patreon, or get 2 months free when you join for a year here.

I’ll just be googling options to sell blood plasma in the corner…

Blaze Paralyzes Piertown [Jarvie LIvestream]

Piertown Morning

“This is your Manta on the city beat, Jarvie, live-streaming on multiple nets from a Piertown that ground to a halt early this morning.

Behind me you can still see plumes of white smoke climbing towards the Pier. That smoke is all that remains of several entire blocks of warehouses destroyed in a mysterious blaze early this morning.Continue reading

It’s Good to Have Goals

Hey Patrons ‘n listeners! What’d you think of the Sherrod Declaration (or the last free podcast)?

Next up? Winter Belt jumps back into your feeds!

But first, I need to get some thoughts on where to take my publishing/crowdfunding next.

Farlost playing card game digital & physical reward?
Patron-only fiction that never goes out to Audible or Kindle?
Option X: *that’s your cue to tell me* 🙂

To create more fiction, more exclusives and some physical reward, I’ll need more patrons.

On average ‘content’ (ugh, hate that word) on my website alone sees 15,000 unique hits a month. I’d like to convince 1% of that number (150) to become patrons. Having patronage goals to aspire to seems to help build momentum, and this is where I’m starting.

Some of you ask how to help, and some of you just want the goods or to send me a private ‘nice job’ email every once in a while. Whichever you are, it’s cool with me, it’s very cool in fact that you dig my stuff.

If you want to do something more to help, reviews or just stars are one way.
Another way–ONLY if there’s someone you think will like this in particular–you can help is by passing on your recommendation along with a link to the free podcast or to becoming a patron.

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Okay, okay, sheesh! I’m now turning off the harsh realities of needing money, turning on the writing side of my brain. Stay tuned for more Farlost!


I got sick, but I’m on the mend. So, as I rebuild the site’s fiction, patron rewards and podcast archives, I am re-posting the entire 60-episode run of ‘Farlost: Arrival” for Season Pass Patrons & higher (Join Us!).

It’s a great time for a special event, having just launched a new full-cast series ‘Farlost: Signals’ in the free podcast feed with some great voices, go check it out!

Farlost: Arrival is the first of 3 novels, 3 novellas, 2 short stories & counting in the Farlost ‘verse. Enjoy!