Audio Production

What do you get when you mix a classically trained actor, professional audio producer, podcast lover & writer? John Mierau brings 15 years of experience in content creation and a proven track record of podcast development, narration, writing, editing & audiobook production.

Get in touch to bring your next project to life.

I’m passionate about sharing meaningful stories & creating memorable sounds. Let me help you record or produce your next endeavor.


  • Audiobook, Podcast & Audiodrama production
  • Post-production, sound design, editing, proofing, mastering
  • Narration, voice-over
  • Concept design & project development
  • All work exceeds ACX standards


I’ve created podcasts for companies and individuals. I am dedicated to helping you find your voice & connect with your community.

I can heartily endorse John’s skills interacting with business and ‘talent’ components of our community…diligent, personable and creative (he) will do his level-best to satisfy the needs of any project he commits to.

Patreon VP Tyler Palmer

I have a reputation as a trusted collaborator, gifted storyteller and effective communicator.

John’s solo work is first rate, and he’s proven himself an effective and reliable mentor….both artistically compelling and of benefit to all.

Hugo, Nebula Winning Author Robert J Sawyer