Post-Marathon Check-In

60 Episodes. SIXTY! Now THAT’s a Binge!

I had a lot of fun re-releasing this podcast for patrons (the first ten are also playing along with other stories, free & complete, in the podcast). I hope you enjoyed the re-listen…or was it your first time listening?

I was nervous some of you would be annoyed by hearing a 4 year old ‘re-run’ story (I hope the five new Farlost: Signals episodes I launched before ‘Arrival’ took the sting out of it if that describes you 🙂

Now I’m through, listening along with you, I’m glad I did it.

For some of you, it’s all about the stories. For others it’s about getting the scoop behind the stories, communicating with me, or extra perks.

I want this to be a community where everybody gets something out of supporting me. I’m working on new Farlost: Winter Belt and planning something different for October/Hallowe’en.

In the meantime, thank you for listening (my numbers say a heckuva lot of you did!). So, let me know if this was a first time listen, a ‘re-watch’ experience, and hit me up with questions, conspiracy theories, comments, whatever.

I love seeing people buy my books or audiobook titles…but first and foremost it’s you folks listening along live, that I have in mind as I write.

Thanks again for being here!

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