Oct. wrap-up & THANK YOU

Hi gang. How goes the descent into winter in your neck of the woods?

Me? I’ve been feeling like a hunter-gather, helping my wife (Nikki loves gardening) put the gardens to bed, and bring the last tomatoes, peppers and lettuces into the house. How are you doing with YOUR chore list?

I’ve been a hunter-gatherer with my writing and producing as well, and I hope you like what I’m preparing to bring to you.We’re halfway through Farlost: The Rundown at this point of its triple-speed release back into my feed, and I’m SO glad I did. Some of you have told me it’s one of your favorite stories, and I’m curious how it will color your enjoyment of Farlost: The Winter Belt when it returns at the beginning of November.

While releasing ‘Rundown’ I’ve been battling with Amazon. Through some fluke, I can no longer access, upload or modify my Kindle back catalog. Yeah…that’s been stressful! (grin) But never fear, I’ve had a lot more productive events on the creator front.

My Farlost story ‘Fog of War’ is out now in On Deadly Ground, a space-marines’n’last-stands anthology available on Kindle. Many of you can already access a copy as a backer perk…and the audio is coming out for all patrons (and only patrons) next!

November will bring the end of The Rundown, and then we’ll jump into ‘Fog of War’, then it’s back to Locklaw Sky City for Part 2 of ‘The Winter Belt’.

I said a lot was happening behind the scenes, and that includes producing my talented vocal cast for the next three patron-exclusive scenes for RISING, editing the three scenes after that AND writing three more scenes after that. My friends, by the end of that batch of RISING (bi-weekly through Dec. Jan. Feb) our heroes, villains and grey-shaded cast are going to be in a whole different place…and fighting for higher stakes than ever.

I hate writing copy, I’d much rather jump into it with you, but that’s the focus this fall: getting ahead and back to regular drops. So stay tuned!

My head is spinning with creativity again after a long slog through home repairs, family drama and virus-getting, but the engine is tuned again, and I can’t wait to share things with you! I hope you’re all finding YOUR grooves too. Take care of yourself out there, and I’ll talk to you real soon!


PS: The headline pic is a public domain image that’s been feeding my other creative endeavor: the return to a non-farlost setting, and the rather difficult life of my favorite alien-possessed serial killer. I hope that sneak peek keeps you watching the feed, I’m not gonna tell you how or when THAT drops, not yet 🙂

Take care, all!

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