Guns Blazin’ for the Silly Season!

Hey folks. Sorry I’ve been quiet lately–but you may have noticed I put the release on full-auto today.

The free podcast and every Patron feed got hit with new releases today. Some saw several new adventures show up, as early access from upper tiers unlocks.

There will be more new episodes through December and the holidays — to keep you distracted from the holiday/family/workplace  drama/boredom/stress/crazy people!

There’s more Farlost Signals coming out as well as more episodes of The Winter Belt.

The theme for the next few episodes might be….crossing the streams?  OH, AND You’ll see the guy in the picture again. Real soon.

Stay tuned, all, and stay sane this month!

PS: If you’re a fan of my calibre of entertainment, become my patron now to lock and load more adventures for your enjoyment, and to help me write the next one!

3 thoughts on “Guns Blazin’ for the Silly Season!

  • January 16, 2019 at 7:21 am

    First off, love your work. Both the writing and when you voice other creatives stuff. I use to support you on Patreon but when the rules all changed I switched my massive $5 a month (Don’t spend it all at once) to direct through Serving worlds. Now despite my job title saying I’m a Technical Manager, I have no idea how to access the feed for the content promised (I use ITunes) if I click on the RSS Feed in my patron page I get a massive page of code. What if anything am I supposed to do with that? Perhaps that nice email you send out when we set up payment could include instructions for those like me who are hard of thinking.

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