Farlost Story Chronology

Yeah. Farlost is huge. Are you wondering where to start reading/listening? By request, here is a chronological order of stories set in the ‘Farlost’ universe.

The ‘Signals’ titles are full-cast audio dramas. The others are solo narrations.  This list is a work in progress, and will be updated as new stories are released. If you haven’t seen them all it’s because some are patron-only, as of now.

Here we go, starting with the earliest stories and working up to ‘modern day’ setting in Farlost:

  1. Signals: Val From Capra
  2. Signals: Coping Diaries
  3. Dreams and Light: Hallis (patron only)
  4. Signals: Carlin & Hobbes on the Rock
  5. Signals: Rising (patron only)
  6. Signals: The Sherrod Declaration
  7. Signals: Carry the Weight
  8. Walkabout (patron only)
  9. Arrival
  10. Signals: Counting Sheep
  11. The Rundown
  12. The Winter Belt (in progress)

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