Rebuild: Reflection & Reactions

Dig this promo image from a few years back, from the first time I tried to launch ‘The Winter Belt’.  Badass, amirite?

After the Farlost Arrival marathon, The Winter Belt will return. That’s one Epic premiere. This website is another. Both kind of sum up where I am as a writer and storyteller right now.

This is a public post for all my readers & listeners, an end-of-summer check-in from me to you & a place for Patrons to leave me their thoughts & feedback on the work, the site, the patron-RSS feed, whatever’s in your heads, folks!

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Hi folks. How’s your September treating you? Just to recap: mine had me away on business, behind on contracts due to family fun… oh yeah, and in the hospital (nothing serious it seems, but we didn’t think so at the time).

Not really in the best shape to write, edit and bake podcasts, I thought I’d redesign the website to be faster and more user friendly. To keep the faith with my patrons, and reach some new readers and listners, I launched the Farlost Arrival podcast marathon.

Both represent parts of the writing biz most people don’t think about: making whatever widgets the words get shipped in, and reaching new audiences. I can talk a bit about that if you like, let me know.

The website’s always been something I wanted to work better, simpler and more streamlined. I’m still adding back the last decade of content but I do like the look and I’m keeping it simple under the hood: WordPress runs the blog and the podcast, and the new membership plug-in provides every patron with their own personalized RSS feed–just like Patreon.

Next, I’ll be uploading illustrations and concept art, as well as beginning to release some behind the scenes commentary about work in progress.

This is also a bit of a test thread. A mini-AMA where my patrons can, well…ask me anything 🙂 i want to experiment with sharing how and why I make what I make, and I’ll start with your questions as jumping off points. I’ll answer everything I can in the comments to this post and carry some questions into new posts.

Welcome (back) to ServingWorlds!

2 thoughts on “Rebuild: Reflection & Reactions

  • March 14, 2019 at 11:24 pm

    The feed doesn’t go back to Arrival. It starts at Winter Belt.

    • March 15, 2019 at 11:35 am

      When you log in you see an RSS feed below your credentials? Rick click and copy that RSS. That feed has some higher tier content that won’t load, but plenty of older episodes beyond this season’s Winter Belt. All of Farlost Arrival, too.

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