An incomplete list of collaborators who to have performed or written in my fictional worlds. All have been compensated or given permission for their work to be used.  Their contributions have inspired, improved and enriched my own. Check them out.

Joanna Gaskell

Jordan Cobb

Hollis Beck

Alex Skinner

Sarah Rhea Werner

Tanja Milojevic

Christiana Ellis

Paul Cooley

Cole Burkhardt

Terry Mixon

Alex White

Tom Merritt

Mur Lafferty 

Larry Bailey

J Daniel Sawyer

Matthew Sanborn Smith

David Ault

Brand Gamblin

Jason Andrew Bond

Patrick McLean

Edward W Robertson

Terry Cooper

Nathan Lowell 

Jake Bible

Ezra Vervin

Paul Levinson

Chad Ellis

Jadzia Axelrod

Steve Umstead 

Matthew Iden 

J.R.D. Skinner 

Christopher X. Morse 

Harry Connolly 

John Anealio

David Sobkowiak 

Jack Kincaid

Phil Rossi

Seth Harwood

Dave Robison

Veronica Giguere

Bryan Lincoln

Kathryn Pride

Tobias Queen

Kelley Hazen

Josh Goodman

P.J. Ochlan

Brian Gill

Tim Lundeen

Robert Rossman

Laura Nicole

WJ Davies

Corson Bremer

Diane Severson

Michael Bennett

KT Bryski

Ed W Robertson