Narration Rates

This page details compensation and requirements for Narrators. Demos & inquiries are welcome by email. Current roles & audition pieces here. Co-authors, musicians and illustration rates are arranged per commission. Check out past collaborators here

Pay Rate
$100 USD Per Finished Hour, by quarter-hour (most episodic/story narrations run well under 1 hr).
$10 USD for work under 10 mins.  Sample Narration Contract

Open Submission Policy
Please listen to some Farlost Signals or other full-cast episodes in the Serving Worlds podcast before submitting.
Life is too short to waste your creativity on something you don’t enjoy 🙂

Technical Specs
Please submit in uncompressed mono WAV or AIFF formats recorded at 44.1 kHz (320kbps, constant bit rate).

Please edit errors out of the submission and submit a ‘finished’ reading.
Trust yourself! You are free to submit a few alternate takes if you feel strongly I should choose between them. Corrections may be requested, but I seldom ask for performance-related changes.

File format & Title
Please label the file with your-name_character-name_story-name (IE: Mierau_Charlie_New-Skin).

Reading Tips
Please leave at least 3 seconds of room tone at the beginning and end of your submission.  Start your audio file by stating the story title and your name.

Life’s too short. Please listen to some of the Serving Worlds podcast to decide if it resonates with you. If at any time, during or after your recording, you have any questions or issues, please ask them (by e-mail).

Don’t use a headphone-jack microphone: use USB, XLR microphones or standalone recorders.

Watch your levels: if your audio recording software spikes or flashes red the sound will be“clipped” and may be unusable.

Please edit out any leaf blowers, chair squeaks page flips or other incidental noise before sending your file.

Please leave at least 3 seconds of room tone at the beginning and end of your submission.

Please submit by email or cloud file service (and notify me by email).

Expect payment before your work is released.
This can vary, but usually expect 2-4 weeks from submission time to being compensated for your work.