Post-Marathon Check-In

60 Episodes. SIXTY! Now THAT’s a Binge!

I had a lot of fun re-releasing this podcast for patrons (the first ten are also playing along with other stories, free & complete, in the podcast). I hope you enjoyed the re-listen…or was it your first time listening?

I was nervous some of you would be annoyed by hearing a 4 year old ‘re-run’ story (I hope the five new Farlost: Signals episodes I launched before ‘Arrival’ took the sting out of it if that describes you 🙂

Now I’m through, listening along with you, I’m glad I did it.

For some of you, it’s all about the stories. For others it’s about getting the scoop behind the stories, communicating with me, or extra perks.

I want this to be a community where everybody gets something out of supporting me. I’m working on new Farlost: Winter Belt and planning something different for October/Hallowe’en.

In the meantime, thank you for listening (my numbers say a heckuva lot of you did!). So, let me know if this was a first time listen, a ‘re-watch’ experience, and hit me up with questions, conspiracy theories, comments, whatever.

I love seeing people buy my books or audiobook titles…but first and foremost it’s you folks listening along live, that I have in mind as I write.

Thanks again for being here!

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Rebuild: Reflection & Reactions

Dig this promo image from a few years back, from the first time I tried to launch ‘The Winter Belt’.  Badass, amirite?

After the Farlost Arrival marathon, The Winter Belt will return. That’s one Epic premiere. This website is another. Both kind of sum up where I am as a writer and storyteller right now.

This is a public post for all my readers & listeners, an end-of-summer check-in from me to you & a place for Patrons to leave me their thoughts & feedback on the work, the site, the patron-RSS feed, whatever’s in your heads, folks!

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