Writer in Vacation Mode

This is actually the first time I’ve been away from ALL my jobs, passions, volunteer gigs all summer. And away from the office. Without even a laptop (which is good…the twitching will subside).

Fresh ‘Farlost ‘eps from The Winter Belt & Signals upon my return! Your homework, while I’m away, is to get in touch by post, email, tweet, etc with what character, ship or group you hope to cross paths with in Farlost next.

Patron Privacy Settings

If you’re a Patron here on ServingWorlds (Want in? Team up here!) I’ve renamed the default Member Directory.

Most Patrons I’ve asked appreciate being recognized for their support, but if you’d rather fly under the radar, that’s cool too. You can change your privacy settings by accessing your your profile from the menu at the top of the page.

You can completely remove your profile from the member directory or limit it’s visibility to only logged-in users.

Either way, thank you for being my Patron!

Farlost Signals 00: Coping Diary

I’ve got treat for you! FARLOST: SIGNALS: a new audio drama anthology series featuring some of my favorite voices in audio drama.

I know you’ll enjoy ‘The Coping Diaries’ featuring uber-talented Sarah Rhea Werner-the voice behind the Girl in Space audiodrama serial & the Write Now podcast.

Patrons can access more episodes in FARLOST: SIGNALS now & in the coming months. Enjoy!

Podcast Feeds & Patron Primer


love being part of crowdfunding platform Patreon but I strongly believe every creator needs their own mailing list & a way to share their work without middlemen. Getting ServingWorlds.com up to speed for that purpose meant my direct supporters put up with some kludgy feeds. That’s behind us now, with every feed automatically updating to include content. If you’re one of my early adopters, thanks for helping me work out the kinks!

Now that ServingWorlds.com is running strong, It’s probably a good time to explain what Patron levels my awesome readers & listeners can unlock: (more…)

Instagram Art Feed

If you can’t afford to, or just don’t like being a patron, but you follow my work and love good SF art, check out my instagram feedI’ll be putting out selections of cover art there every few weeks from now own.
If you aren’t a patron yet but want to be, you can join here or at Patreon.com/servingworlds to scope out more choice images, higher-res book and podcast covers and additional artwork, sketches & illustrations.