Holiday Joy, Lag, Bug, or Overclocked?

Howdy patrons, readers and listeners! I hope you’ve been enjoying the great Holiday binge on Youtube, and fear not, there’s more! There are three new episodes of my fullcast audio Farlost Signals adventure RISING almost completely edited and coming your way…as soon as…holiday madness…allows.
I hope you’re handling the crazy, the inlaws (or lack thereof) and the emotions that go with this time of year. I’m working on that, too (grin). So, keep busy, keep listening and I’ll talk to you again, real soon.

Farlost Mythology Dive

In addition to getting Farlost Winter Belt and Rising episodes before anyone else, stand by to get bonus episodes that won’t appear anywhere else but here and the sale audiobook.
I’m doing this because I’m way behind thanks to COVID work confusion, perma-parenting and because, gosh darnit, I want to share cool stuff with you!

I’m doing an experimental deep dive…a shallow dive? Let me know if this works for you and what else you’re curious about.

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