10 Years of ‘Enemy Lines’

Over a decade ago I launched Enemy Lines. It was my first full-length novel Kickstarted by people like YOU, long before there was a Patreon.

The pix in this post show the evolution of the story as a podcast, crowdfunded novel, and really the first big thing that moved the needle for Serving Worlds, so I thought I’d share ’em.

I wish my narration, while still solid in this book, could be tweaked as easy and creating new cover art…but I have TOO MANY STORIES to tell to go back and fuss over the finished ones.

Sharing this with you, while continuing to release new fiction, was something a lot of people asked for…well, you were right and I was wrong: these episodes are already very popular, and we’re only in the early days of the story!

Thank you very much for helping me afford time to write, for giving me feedback, for supporting me in lean times, bad times, pandemic times, crazy times, etc! You’re a big part of the reason Serving Worlds is still…serving worlds!

Reaching new audiences is like rolling a boulder uphill.

NOTHING is better than your recommendation.

Please share a link to this website or my patreon.

Okay there, I promoted myself! I hate it, but it’s one of those necessary evils.

PS: It’s my birthday on May 4th. For my birthday, I want you to get me…nothing! Just keep doing what you’re doing. Being my patron is gift enough, you have NO IDEA how much it means.

Thanks for being my patron and, as always…stay tuned!