It’s time for a little AMA Q&A! Any & all stories are open season, but it’s Farlost I’m typing & editing in between Q’s and A’s. I’m excited to share what’s coming–just, forgive me if some of my answers involve tap-dancing? (grin)

For the next few hours ask me anything & I’ll answer live. For the next few days, patrons can post a reply here, and all readers & listeners can ask away on Twitter or Facebook & I’ll update this post with the answers.

[update] Answers to follow:

What do I record on?

I buck the trend here, for both my paid narration and podcasting. I don’t go for XLR cabled-microphones or for mixers and boards: I’ve returned to the land of USB-converting mics. And people really can’t tell the difference.

For me, the best sound you get is the cleanest sound you can capture, so when people ask me this I tell them: create a good space to capture sound, and *then* think about equipment. You’ll come out farther ahead than any dirty sound in a thousand dollar mic.

Will there be Enemy Lines short stories?

Enemy Lines short stories are in the works for 2020. Yes that far away, unless more patrons make more work time transform into writing time alas, but I’d love to dive back in. I have ideas. I have…schemes.

July AMA Thread

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