Hey folks, You know you’ve made it when you get pirated, right? Sigh. In completely related news, here’s a quick and dirty tour of ServingWorlds.

If you want to findRSS feeds on servingworlds, open PODCAST on the menu (log in to see patron-only feeds).

ACCESS on the site menu will let you see the NEW ADDRESSES for patron specific feeds. Just copy and paste the new links into iTunes or your favorite podcast apps.
Yes, this is a pain in the ass, but I always planned to change the seekrit RSS feeds yearly …it just took me 4 years to get around to it 🙂

Due to the aforementioned piracy (and HUGE download spike that occurred) I’ve had to reserve the RSS feed for yearly subscribers. I know this is an inconvenience and I’m sorry.

For that reason, I’m leaving the 2-months-free discount on Serving WOrlds yearly subscriptions alive a few more months to make up for the RSS change.

Sorry. I planned from day one to make it a yearly change…it just took me four years to get around to it 🙂

Also on the menu (once you log in to servingworlds) is the profile stuff for users, including the Activity feed which works just like replies and messages on Patreon.

Last but not least, a reminder that Patreon subscribers get the same access they signed up for there, no charge. Log in and like whatever you like, and I’ll know where to write extra words, drop spoilers and easter eggs, etceterayougetthepicture.

Sorry again for the P.I.T.A. Stay tuned for more fickshun and thanks for listening, reading and supporting.

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