What do you think of the new player in ‘On the Sky’? If you haven’t gotten far enough into ‘On the Sky Road’ to meet her, yet, I’ll just say Priya Whittaker was quickly promoted from ‘guest of the week’ to ‘co-star’.

I’ve learned to listen when my characters send me back to the drawing board, and I rewrote this story to do justice to do her character justice.

During my mental ‘casting’ & research for Priya Whittaker I came across this piece by artist @littlemachine_ on Twitter. As far as I’m concerned, this rendition of ‘Shaw’ from ‘Person of Interest’ ticks all the right boxes.

That’s Whittaker, right there. Except always with a Han Solo cocky grin. I might even have to have that commissioned 🙂

Priya Whittaker

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