Update: What am I doing? The iTunes watusi…Vellum vroomin’…Audible arrangin’…Kindle krackin’….Patron appreciatin’.

It’s a pile of writerly housekeeping around here, folks. Stay tuned!

I’m still hip-deep in legal stuff (no, I’m not on trial!) prepping for what ‘Muricans call a ‘deposition’ & us Canadians call a ‘discovery’.  Back soon with more content in the patron feeds & more podcasts for everyone.

PS: If you’ve noticed my Patreon numbers dropping, don’t be concerned. A number of my listeners & readers have chosen to support me directly on servingworlds.com, or via paypal. I’ve even been offered bitcoin & prepaid cards. That’s been…an interesting learning curve 🙂

Disappointingly, no ‘fat stacks of cheddar’ have shown up in a paper bag on my doorstep. Yet.

I still can’t tell all the stories I want, as fast as I want to get them to you. For that I still need YOU on board… but don’t worry about the Patreon numbers. Just do what want, however you like… even if that’s ‘just’ shoutouts on the socials or reviews in Kindle & Audible. And thank you for your support!

Rough Week-Back Soon

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