The Road to War

As the Reach colony teeters on the verge of civil war against Earth. a convoy races across the galaxy carrying news of a threat unlike anything mankind has faced before: a vast, alien horde has decimated Earth. Time is running out for sworn enemies to learn to trust and unite, or the human race is extinct. The Takers are coming to destroy mankind. If we don’t do the job for them first.


Mankind was denied the stars. All attempts to break the speed of light failed, horribly.  Until one small ship, faced with certain death, again dared the impossible.
An unprepared crew finds itself trapped around a dying sun, beneath a sea of alien stars--and they're not alone. 
Welcome... to Farlost.


Spies, soldiers, thieves and aliens. All caught in a power play between corporations and governments to control the future of our world. A future where humanity isn't the only player, and the lines aren’t as clear as you think.